Get your glow back! Expert tips for problem skin

Get your glow back! Expert tips for problem skin

No matter what problems your skin is experiencing, these tips from dermatologist and skincare expert John Hamilton are sure to help.

Dry skin

The skin’shydro lipid film becomes depleted as we age. This film is responsible for protecting the dermis while keeping it supple and locking in moisture, and is damaged by certain products, for example, those containing synthetic chemicals.

How do you combat this? This waxy film is made up of oils, which the body produces naturally. You can supplement the loss of these oils by applying natural vital oils, which simultaneously neutralise all free radical damage within the dermis.

Premature ageing

The skin can often look more aged than it should do, simply from being dehydrated. So again, it’s important to ensure skin remains hydrated at all times.

Regarding hydration, lots of people think that drinking water keeps the skin hydrated... Well, that’s a myth (although of course it has many other benefits). If you want to hydrate the skin, place water on the surface and then apply the vital oils on top and massage in. If you add a natural cream (not a petro chemical one, which breaks the natural oil down), then you are effectively locking in the moisture and the skin will quickly become hydrated.

Wearing makeup can also age the skin, as the chemicals accelerate the free radicals into superoxide and hydroxyl radicals. So, cutting down and finding your best  ‘natural look’ will pay big dividends, as will using natural oils before applying your makeup, to act as a barrier and prevent the chemicals from penetrating the dermis.

Dull skin

This is caused in the main by debris and dead skin cells. So, exfoliating regularly and removing them will refresh and revive the skin no end.  The best professional method for this is microdermabrasion, which has become a mainstay in salons. And at home, most people use an exfoliating cream as part of their beauty routine. The down side here is that creams containing exfoliating beads are often erratic in their consistency (ie too many beads in one area and not enough in another). And you can't pop into the salon every week to get a microdermabrasion as it’s inconvenient, expensive and too many can be damaging. I have found that the konjak sponge (originating from the Far East) combined with a normal face wash works wonders and is as cheap as chips to buy. You can use it daily in the shower and the skin takes on a new look and feel.