Get Judy Murray's glamorous Strictly Come Dancing hair style!

Get Judy Murray's glamorous Strictly Come Dancing hair style!

Here's hair expert Andrew Barton's take on Ms Murray's blonde crop

"Judy has upped the ante on her blonde locks by colouring her hair a super creamy all over light blonde, which reflects a lot of shine on the TV cameras and adds a youthful, fashionable look to her hair.

"Blonde hair needs extra care, try using specialist shampoo for blondes, such as  my Andrew Barton Ultimate Blonde collection of shampoo (£3.90) and conditioner (£3.90) blended with moroccan Argan Oil and PROtech Shine Complex to add moisture and shine.

"Styling Judy's look could not be easier, try using a styling mousse such as my Andrew Barton Supreme Volume mousse (£3.90) before blowdrying. it's lightweight and leaves a clean feeling in the hair and a pretty fragrance. Mousse helps to control the hair texture whilst adding hold and body.

"When the hair is blow dried apply a little of my Andrew Barton Miracle Frizz Tamer Shine serum (£5)  throughout the hair to add shine,  gloss and definition.

"Blow dry the hair with my Andrew Barton Cushion gel grip brush which makes for easier blowdrying and is engineered with Anti Bacterial Nano Silver, giving a clean, healthy look to the hair.

"Lift the hair from the roots as you blow-dry the hair turning the hair under.

"Once the hair is blow dried, simply tuck the hair behind the ears for an elegant but casual look."

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