Get glowing skin throughout the winter with our expert tips

Get glowing skin throughout the winter with our expert tips

Exfoliate for radiance

In winter dry skin can build up and cause a dull complexion. Regular exfoliation will help restore the radiance to your face as it sloughs away the dead skin cells on the surface. “If your skin is very dry or sensitive, choose a very gentle exfoliant and limit use to once a week. Other skin types can exfoliate twice a week,” says pharmacist Bao-Tam Phan.

Rosacea flare-up tips

If you suffer from rosacea, you may find it worsens in winter. Rather than a radiant glow, rosacea sufferers end up with flushed and irritable skin.
“The key triggers for rosacea are environmental – sunlight, harsh winds and extreme temperature changes are all common ones that can cause a flare-up,” says cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting.
Choose a calming, protective day cream designed for rosacea and wear sunscreen daily.

Treat your skin to a face mask

Your skin will benefit from some TLC during winter, and a weekly or fortnightly facial mask will leave it gleaming and hydrated. Use after exfoliating and leave on for ten to 15 minutes.

Make up tips for a healthy glow

We asked celebrity make-up artist Claire Hanson for top tips to achieve a radiant look.
“Make-up bases with a little sheen work well to catch the light and give your face extra glow without looking sparkly.”
Blusher will add instant glow to your face. “For a flush of colour, sweep a powder blush over apples of cheeks, or go for a natural looking creamy blush.”