Expert tips for glowing skin at any age

Expert tips for glowing skin at any age

In your 40s...

Increasing collagen production is key in your 40s. During this time, your skin produces less sebum and your lymphatic system starts to slow down. You might notice puffiness around your cheeks and eyes, loss of tone and complexions can sometimes look dull so you need to incorporate radiance boosting products into your daily routine to help fake luminosity.

I’m a big fan of massage. When cleansing, gently move your fingertips in circular motions to get the blood pumping but also to help really cleanse deep down. Again, use your fingers when applying your moisturiser to help move your lymphatic fluid around and really work that product into the skin as it’s important to keep skin fully hydrated.

Let’s be realistic, no product can reverse the signs of ageing, but there are products that can help visibly improve its appearance. BB creams are brilliant as they often blend anti-ageing ingredients, vitamins and SPF to give lightweight coverage and even out mottled skin tone and texture with a natural finish.

Skin brighteners are great for perking up a tired-looking complexion in an instant. The Simple Kind To Skin+ Illuminating Radiance Cream ‘plumps’ out the skin and gives a soft dewy finish. You can either smooth all over the face or just use in certain areas. I like to tap the radiance cream along the top of cheekbones, cupids bow (this is the soft curve above the lip) and just under the lip.

In your 50s...

Hormonal changes can take its toll on skin during this time which can lead to dehydration. You might experience age spots, increased pigmentation, spider veins, redness, open pores or flaky sensitive skin.

Remember that as we age, skin becomes more dehydrated and elastin and collagen is much weaker, meaning sagging skin. Locking in moisture is more important than ever. Nourishing face masks should be part of your weekly skincare routine, perhaps with the addition of an oil or serum and night creams are an absolute must - every night.

You might also want to take a new approach to your make-up. We often get stuck in a rut wearing the same colours for years and years, however, during your fifties, I’d suggest less is more. A subtle smoky eye with mascara and defined brows look great but I’d avoid anything too sparkly or shimmery as this will just draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles.

In your 60s and beyond...

Sagging can be an issue during your 60s. Your skin has less moisture so can be dry and flaky. I’d suggest if you don’t already, switching to a gentle non-drying cleanser and adopting a regular exfoliating regime.

Hydration is key so use an anti-ageing day and night cream that’s alcohol free and help keep the wrinkles at bay by wearing an SPF every single day, even on cloudy and overcast days, as UV damage can still penetrate the skin.

Skincare is vital but so is a balanced and nutritious diet. Your can’t turn back the clock but you can help time stand still by sticking to a daily skincare routine and eating a rainbow diet full of fruit and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and can help encourage healthy and clear skin.


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