Expert tips for beautiful eyebrows

Expert tips for beautiful eyebrows

Sort out sparse brows with advice from Jodie Mills, an expert therapist at Hi Brow

"Eyebrows can become more sparse with age, but with a little expert help, you can look younger in minutes. Contouring your brows with a powder and sweeping a highlighter onto your brow bone is a simple way to spruce up your brows and it’s easy even for the most brow-shy woman."

"A useful way of ensuring that the correct eyebrow shape, as a general rule, is to ensure that the inner corner of the eyebrow starts directly in line from the top of your nose, the end of the brow directly in line with the outer corner of your eye and the high arch of the brow directly in line with the centre point of your iris."

Top tips for plucking your eyebrows

  • Always ensure you have enough light in the room, natural sunlight is best as you can then see all of the little hairs
  • Always use a free standing mirror so you have both hands free and a slanted pair of tweezers to ensure accurate removal
  • Brush the brows in between the removal of each hair, this is to ensure you don’t remove too many hairs
  • Long brow hairs should be trimmed with slanted scissors to enhance the shape and definition of the brow
  • Apply an after wax lotion or cooling serum after you’ve removed all the hairs required to sooth and cool the area
  • Fill in the gaps on your brows with a powder product, such as Hi Brow's version, to help promote grow and to define the brows.

How to choose the right eyebrow colour

"A powder brow colour creates a more natural finish that is more flattering to your face and less ageing than a pencil can be. Apply it with an angled brush, following the direction of your hair growth. Ensure you tap off the excess powder from the brush before applying it to the skin, to give a soft natural colouring."

  • Dark brown – Works for brunette and redheads (depending on how dark your hair is)

  • Light brown – works for blondes or light redheads
  • Charcoal – Works for those with very dark to black hair
  • Light grey – Works for those with grey or light blonde hair