Expert advice to help you pick the perfect shade of foundation

Expert advice to help you pick the perfect shade of foundation

Samantha Greaves, an advisor at No7, has all the foundation know-how you need...

What does a good foundation do for your face?

Buying a foundation with the right colour, texture and finish is undoubtedly the most difficult beauty challenge. The right foundation will not only enhance your skin tone but will provide even coverage, hiding any redness and give you a beautiful, glowing complexion that everyone will notice.

How can you tell when you’ve found the right shade? 

Finding the right shade can be very difficult, that’s why the No7 skincare experts created the Match Made service. A special colour measuring device measures customers’ exact skin tone to give women their precise No7 skin true foundation shade. The right shade will suit your complexion perfectly.

Should you test them on the back of your hand, or is there a better way?

Harsh in-store lighting, confusion about testing and an overwhelming amount of choice can make testing tricky. That’s why the No7 Match Made Service is so great – all it takes is a quick photo of the skin using a special colour measuring device. There’s no need to book an appointment and it’s completely free. What’s more, our hands and faces are different shades and so the best place to test foundation is on the face.

Which is the most flattering variety for 50+ skin, e.g. Liquid, powder, tinted moisturiser?

Heavy matte make-up can be ageing, so for more mature skin, a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser may often be preferred. Try No7 Essentially Natural Foundation or No7 CC Cream for a gorgeous, youthful, glow with a youthful feel. If you want a little more coverage, go for the No7 Lift and Luminate foundation - perfect for 50+ skin, as it not only contains an anti-ageing complex, but even helps even skin tone and disguises pores. 

Do you need to change shades in the winter/summer?

Yes. Just like we change our wardrobe to suit the weather, we also need to change our foundation. From summer to winter, our skin picks up and loses colour over the year so it’s worth testing a new shade every six months or so, especially after a holiday. 

What’s the best way to apply it?

In order to achieve flawless application, it is important to prepare your skin with a good primer to reduce shine and help your make-up last all day. Then, using a soft brush, blend your foundation into your skin, working your way outwards, blending well around the hairline and neck.

What are the key ingredients to look for? 

There are so many options you can look out for as there are many different types of foundation. One of the most interesting ingredients are ‘light diffusing particles’ as these are used to give a soft focus to the skin, and so a great choice for women wanting to achieve a natural complexion.

What about SPF, how effective is that? Do you still need suncream?

A moisturiser with SPF/5* UVA protection or a sun cream is recommended during hot weather, to protect against rays which cause premature aging of the skin. However, selecting a foundation which already contains SPF is a great option to ensure you’re protecting your skin against everyday exposure to harmful UV rays. Choosing a product like No7 Beautifully Matte foundation with SPF 15, will help protect your skin on a daily basis, without any extra effort.


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