Salon colour your hair at home

Salon colour your hair at home

If you want a hair colour that's specifically designed just for you, try eSalon Perfect Match Colour Kit

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Product: eSalon Perfect Match Colour Kit,
Price: £18.00
Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

There’s has been a lot in the media recently about younger women dyeing their hair grey but I have to say, I’m not impressed by this fad. In my 50s and with about 40-50% grey, I don’t feel ready to succumb to silver hair just yet, so choose to dye it.

I regularly buy off-the-shelf colour (as I have done for years) while heeding the advice that you should go lighter as you age as your skin tone fades. So I was intrigued by the eSalon premise of prepared-just-for-you customised hair colour, which argues that one size does not fit all. Good point…

The first thing to say is that you need to use the internet. The consultation and the ordering is all done online via their website, but it’s a very intuitive, easy to use website.

Once you create an account, you will be able to upload a few details about your hair (how much grey you have, what your natural colour is, how often you colour your hair, how it reacted, etc) and also upload a current photo which I found really helpful as sometimes it’s not easy to describe your hair colour. This allows the colourist to take into account your overall look, skin tone, and hairstyle when preparing your order. An eSalon colorist will then put together a product designed specifically to meet your requirements and ship it out to you.

Once done, I got an email to say it had been shipped, providing an estimated delivery date. Between ordering and delivery it took 8 days (pretty good as it comes from the US).


When it arrived, the contents looked promising; nicely presented (inspiring confidence!) and included stain guard, stain remover, shampoo, conditioner, application brush, gloves and of course the colour mixer and developer.

There’s an instruction booklet, prepared just for you, with details of how to apply it and how long to leave it on for. There’s a safety leaflet that requires you to do a skin allergy test as well as a strand test, something I never do with the shop-bought off-the-shelf ones I usually use. As it was completely new to me, I did both tests and waited 48 hours before colouring. No reaction, so here goes…

Following the instructions was fine and I liked the fact it was created just for me. It was handy having stain guard provided and I took the stain remover out of the packet (a wet wipe) and kept it to hand for the inevitable stray blobs that appear on skin.

It was put together much like the shop-bought ones where you pour the developed into the colour bottle and then shake it up before applying. It was simple to do and was a good thick consistency, which meant it didn’t drip on my skin or splatter the surrounding area.

It did smell quite strongly of chemicals (ridiculous though that may sound because it IS a mix of chemicals) so make sure you apply it in a well-ventilated area because that can be quite off-putting.

I applied it exactly as described in the instructions (wearing the provided gloves) then left it for the required time. The final step was something I hadn’t experienced and they advised going into the shower to complete; I had to add water to the remainder of the hair colour in the bottle, then lather it into my hair, working it up into a cream. This actually felt quite nice but again, the chemical smell was quite overpowering so keep the bathroom window open!

Next step was to rinse it out all – easy peasy in the shower – then apply the provided Colour Safe Shampoo followed by the Colour Safe conditioner.

As anyone who colours their hair at home will know, when you finally add the conditioner, your hair feels incredibly soft (reassuring after the chemical overload!). I then dried and styled my hair as usual.

The result: A nice even colour, my hair looked and felt soft and shiny and I was pleased with the result. It came out a little darker than I was expecting but in my experience, the ‘true’ colour usually takes a few days/shampoo washes for it to settle and I’m hoping it will lighten a bit. It wasn’t wildly different to the results I normally get from my usual brand but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy with it.

If you want to reorder the same colour mix it’s very easy to do on the eSalon website; simply log into the site, click on ‘My Account’ and any past orders are shown. You can click ‘Order Now’ to make a straightforward reorder or to make a change, such as asking for it to be lighter, less brassy, more red, etc.

You can also set up an Auto Delivery that will deliver your custom colour at regular intervals (from every 2 weeks to every 12 weeks) which actually works out cheaper. You can turn off Auto Delivery at any time from within your account.

The hair colour kit costs £18, or £14 on a regular subscription,  plus £3.95 p&p.

There’s an online shop on the website, too, with the option to buy products such as root touch-up, colour-enhancing mask, shampoos and conditioners, volumisers, conditioning sprays, styling tools and accessories etc. All things hair-related!

If for any reason you're not 100 per cent satisfied with your hair colour or product experience, eSalon will resend your order or refund your purchase anytime so you know you can shop with confidence.

Buying a custom-blended hair colour is an excellent idea and makes perfect sense in this one-size-fits-all world.  This is simplicity itself and hassle-free and the results are very good. I would recommend those of you who colour your hair at home to give it a try!