Easy steps for beautiful nails

Easy steps for beautiful nails

Expert advice from Hairtrade

1.    My nails break too easily
If you’re fed up of painting your nails and then having one snap straight away you’re not alone as this is a common (and irritating) problem.
Solution: Avoid quick dry nail varnish as this dries out your nails and causes them to break easily. You can also use a nail strengthener to keep your nails in top condition - we love this Sally Hansen one.
2.    My colour always chips off
After painting your nails, it often feels like you can’t do anything for fear of chipping them. Everyday tasks, such as washing the dishes, can spoil your hard work.
Solution: Look out for long-lasting top coats and apply every few days as a preventative measure, rather than waiting for nails to chip before fixing things.
3.    My nails are sometimes discoloured
It’s not uncommon to be left with a slight yellow or green tinge to your nails after removing nail polish, particularly if you’ve used a bright colour. This isn’t a great look but don’t worry, it can be avoided.
Solution: Always use a base coat to create a barrier between your nails and the paint – this will make it easier to remove colour. Try this Bourjois one.
4.    My cuticles are dry
Dry cuticles can make your manicure look messy but you need a professional to cut them for you.

Solution: Apply cuticle oil to your nails regularly to keep them in top condition. At a pinch, baby oil also works to rehydrate.
5.    I get small bubbles in my nail polish bottles
The bubbles in nail polish bottles rise when applied to your nails, and make nails look bumpy and messy, easily ruining a nice manicure.
Solution: Store nail polishes in the fridge in warmer weather to stop these bubbles developing and always roll the bottle instead of shaking it.
6.    The ends of my nails never look smooth
Jagged edges look messy and can scratch, so definitely avoid them where possible. The main way these are caused is by filing your nails incorrectly, so break this habit and your nails will be looking good in no time.
Solution: When filing your nails, stroke in one direction rather than going back and forth for a smooth result.
7.    I get a messy finish when painting with my non-dominant hand
Ever find that one hand looks perfect and the other a splodgy mess when painting your nails? We’ve definitely been there.
Solution: Although it can be tempting to rush to get it out of the way, using more coats with less polish when painting with your non-dominant hand is the way to keep things looking neat.
8.    My nail polish always goes thick and gloopy
After time, nail polish tends to go thick. Don’t throw them away quite yet though – there is a way to fix this.
Solution: Invest in some thinner, like this one,  and add a few drops of this to get nail polish back to a better consistency. As a preventative measure, storing nail polish in a cool place also helps to stop it from thickening.
9.    The strokes from the brush are visible
There’s nothing more annoying than being able to see the strokes from the brush on your freshly painted nails – it’s frustrating and easy enough to prevent.
Solution: Start with a blob of paint in the centre of your nail and move outwards, using plenty of thin layers.
10. My manicure doesn’t last long enough
If your friends' nails seem to stay in good condition for longer than yours, you might be making a simple nail mistake.
Solution: Just as applying foundation to dirty or oily skin is a big no no, painting your nails when they aren’t clean can cause trouble later on. Make sure you clean your nails before painting them, by rubbing them with some nail varnish remover on cotton wool.