Beauty tips for autumn

Go natural

A look that can complement almost all skin tones is the natural look, and autumn is the best season to adopt it. Incorporating natural and earthy shades into your routine gives you that ‘barely there’ beauty look that is trending on the catwalk this season.

  • Try using a soft golden brown shade across your eyelid. Pick a shade slightly darker than your skin tone and apply to the socket crease of your eyelids, blending as you go to ensure there are no harsh lines. I recommend Mii Makeup’s ‘One and Only’ eye colour in the shade Haze. £15.50 

Hints of summer

Don’t feel like you have to lose your summer glow. Sparingly use a warm bronzer (matte works best on mature skin, as glittery ones can sit in fine lines) to define your face for a slimming effect and a healthy complexion.

  • Apply your bronzer to your face in a ‘3’ shape. Tap off any excess on the back of your hand, and then start from the forehead, looping into the cheekbones and then the jaw line. To complete the look, gently sweep your bronzer along your nose, where the face naturally tans in the sun. Try the Mii Cosmetics Glamourous Bronzing Trio face finish, £23.50, which combines several shades for a natural effect.

Staple shades

Staple colours for the autumn season are warm browns, deep purples, golds and copper colours. Make sure you include these into your eye shadow collection.

  • A deep purple best enhances brown eyes and those with hazel fleck. Make sure your palette has a few shades of each colour so you can blend as required. The Mii Perfect Pair Compact in Deep Allure, £16.95, has a soft heather shade, combined with a rich plum, which are handy for defining and widening eyes.

Condition your lips

As the breeze picks up and the colder weather comes in, the transition between warm and cold weather plays havoc with our skin.

  • Our lips are usually the first part of the face to dry out as, unlike the skin, they have no sebaceous glands to keep them moist. Ensure you always apply a generous layer of lip balm before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. Once a week, gently exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush to eliminate dead skin. Lips are then perfectly conditioned ready to face any weather.

Try a matte lip

With the subtle summer glosses gradually being phased out, it’s time to make room for the highly pigmented matte lipsticks.  A matte lip is perfectly suited to the autumn season and looks sophisticated.

  • Many forget, but lining your lips prolongs the wear of any lip colour. Select a liner the same shade as your lipstick and apply to the inner edge of your lips. For a brighter or more enhanced look, try applying concealer over your lips beforehand, as this will ensure a neat result with dramatic colour.


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