Beauty secrets of our favourite classic Hollywood stars

Beauty secrets of our favourite classic Hollywood stars

Bette Davis

Known for her beautiful big eyes, Bette Davis kept them looking bright and fresh by applying cucumbers to her eyelids at night and and using Vaseline under the eyes to keep dark circles at bay.


Sophia Loren

Being Italian-French Sofia followed a Mediterranean diet religiously, which meant she always had a bottle of olive oil nearby. She kept her skin radiant and silky smooth by soaking in a hot bath with a few splashes of oil.


Grace Kelly

The Princess of Monaco was one of the first stars to discover the benefits of contouring. She used blusher to define her cheekbones, with one shade for underneath, and a slightly darker shade dusted on the apples.


Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid had a very natural approach to beauty and was said to have only worn a significant amount of makeup if it was required for a role. However, she did adopt a rather drastic grooming technique. She was said to shave a centimeter off of her hairline to make her forehead appear larger.


Audrey Hepburn

The secret to Audrey's long and thick eyelashes was that after applying mascara, she'd use a single pin to separate each individual lash. She must have had a very steady hand!


Rita Hayworth

Rita's was famous for her wavy red hair - so naturally, she had to keep it in great shape. She did this by applying oil to her hair after every wash, wrapping it in a towel, and leaving it in for 15 minutes. Afterwards, she'd wash it out with hot water and lemon juice to remove any residue.


Elizabeth Taylor

In the days before hair removal cream Liz took to shaving her face! Not only did this technique remove fine baby hairs, it also exfoliated the surface layer of skin cells, giving her skin a facial-like glow!


Marlene Dietrich

The German-American actress had an extreme way of changing the shape of her face. She was said to have her molars removed to further accentuate her cheekbones and often used surgical tape to give herself a temporary face lift.


Marilyn Monroe

To achieve her trademark pout, Marilyn had her makeup artist apply 5 different shades of lipstick and gloss to create dimension. Darker reds went on the outer corners, while lighter hues were brushed on the middle of the lips.

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