Beauty secrets from around the world

Beauty secrets from around the world


To activate bloody circulation, it’s not uncommon in Germany to step into cold water (known as a Kneipp treatment). This traditional technique is said to strengthen your immune system and promote a good night’s sleep, keeping you in top condition.


For skin that’s been out in the sun a little too long, Brazilians’ treatment of choice is a breakfast staple – oats. Mix them with water, yoghurt and honey for a soothing facemask.


In France, a favourite way to keep skin looking its best is to take time when applying facial moisturiser, massaging it in thoroughly to boost circulation.


To brighten tired eyes, a favourite Spanish beauty trick is to slice potatoes and leave them under the eyes. This adds a boost of extra hydration with a similar cooling effect to cucumber.


The Swedish like to keep it natural and cool when it comes to beauty. From the simple trick of splashing icy mineral water on their faces to reduce puffiness, to making green tea ice cubes and using them as toner, ice cold skincare is their approach for a fresh face.


A favourite Greek beauty product is olive oil, eaten to leave skin with a healthy glow or applied to the ends of hair to hydrate and protect. For trips to the beach, this product is applied all over hair before it’s tied up to protect it from sand and salt.


An unexpected Indian beauty ingredient is turmeric. While we tend to reserve it for cooking, turmeric paste can be applied to the face to make skin vibrant. 


Papaya is the magical beauty product in Singapore. It can be applied to the skin to increase radiance and also works as a natural exfoliator as it contains papain.


Morocco’s not so well kept secret is Argan oil, used for almost anything. While we might already know that this is great for our hair, the Moroccans also use it as a rich moisturiser and relaxing bath oil.


To achieve flawless skin from within, the Japanese drink Matcha green tea powder, which leaves skin looking vibrant and clear.


In Poland, they take to the kitchen for the surprising secret beauty product of egg whites. Applying a homemade hair mask containing whisked egg whites helps to strengthen hair and leaves it shiny.


After washing their hair, some brave Canadians turn the temperature down and cold rinse their hair. This tames tangles and stops frizz, and also works wonders on the skin as it helps to close pores.


Another foodie favourite, Thailand’s beauty secret is coconut milk. Added to shampoo, this natural treatment softens hair and adds a little extra shine.


While the thought of adding garlic to our skincare routines doesn’t make us jump with joy, the Italians swear it’s worth it. This traditional skincare secret is said to help reduce spots and calm bad breakouts. 


In China, pearl powder is an essential part of some women’s skincare routine, applied to the face to keep skin bright and clear.


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