Anti-ageing lipsticks on test

Anti-ageing lipsticks on test

Our beauty testers have tried out the top anti-aging lipsticks to find out which products they feel are worth the money.

  • Julie Cox 53, Peterborough, tested…

Boots No7 Match Made Moisture Drench, £9.95

The claim: Delivers intense colour with a moisturising formula and built-in SPF 15. Now available as part ofthe in-store No7 Match Made Service, where a No7 advisor will suggest shades to flatter your skin tone.  

Julie’s verdict: This lipstick does look nice and I liked the shade, which was really flattering, and the strong colour. I did find it quite drying straight after application, but this seemed to improve as time went on. I was impressed that it didn’t bleed into fine lines, so it might suit readers who struggle with this. It lasted a few hours, but I can’t say it benefitted my lips in any other way.

Final thoughts: Not as moisturising as it claims, so I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Cheryl Forth 67, Loughborough tested…

Clarins Rouge Eclat Age-Defying Lipstick, £19.50

The claim: Intense, long-lasting colour and a special Nutri-Youth Complex to protect lips and boost collagen, while Vitamin E and plant waxes comfort lips.

Cheryl’s verdict: This lipstick is lovely to apply and goes on smoothly without dragging. The colour is very vibrant and it did stay put for a couple of hours. I was also impressed with how moisturised my lips felt, but I don’t think it really helped my lips look any younger. It did also bleed into the fine lines around my mouth, which was disappointing.

Final thoughts: I wouldn’t buy it, as it’s a bit pricey for a lipstick.

  • Hilary Henry-Lyons 61, Streatley, tested…

M&S Autograph Moisture Colour Lipstick, £8.50

The claim: Gives rich, moisturising colour that won’t feather and contains SPF 30.

Hilary’s verdict: I love the look of this and the sleek container has a clever design, which means no more lids coming off in my handbag! It’s really easy to apply and gives a good even colour, although a bit too heavy for my taste. Because it gave such good coverage, it you can go outside ofyour lip line to make lips look fuller. It did bleed slightly – even when I used a neutral lip liner – and had moderate staying power, but it was certainly nourishing. 

Final thoughts: As good as some of the more expensive lipsticks I’ve tried.

  • Jo Eyers 65, Rickmansworth, tested…

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick, £7.99

The claim: A new wax-free gel formula that gives true colour clarity in one coat for a silky, moisturising and weightless feel.

Jo’s verdict: This felt creamy, moisturising and rich, but was actually a bit too soft and had to be applied with a brush so it didn’t smudge. The colour was vibrant initially, but seemed to fade quickly, then actually felt quite drying. On application it came off very quickly, but after letting it dry properly it had better staying power. It didn’t bleed into fine lines, but within an hour the moisturised feeling had faded.

Final thoughts: I haven’t time to re-apply with a lip brush when out and about, so I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Barbara Spence 72, Leicestershire, tested…

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick, £8.99

The claim: Formulated to glide on for a radiant and glossy finish, that promises to leave lips hydrated and protected for up to ten hours.

Barbara’s verdict: Really nice to apply as it glides on easily and felt lovely and soft on my lips. It actually felt quite luxurious and was really nourishing, although I did find it wore off quickly – after about an hour. I can’t say it left my lips looking younger, but it only bled a little and I think this would be solved by using
a lip liner. Final thoughts: It’s good value for money, so I’d buy it.

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