7 ways to look younger in an instant!

7 ways to look younger in an instant!

Meet our experts

  • Anna Paolozzi is a celebrity make-up artist who specialises in make-up for women over
    40. Find out more at
  • Daniel Balbes is senior artistic director at London’s Michaeljohn salon

1 Plump for powder

This may sound surprising because we’re often told cream make-up formulas give a softer finish
with age – but make-up artist Anna Paolozzi swears by powder foundation.
“Liquid foundation can sink
into wrinkles,” she explains. “Instead, use a powder foundation. Put it on with a
brush and remove any excess with a powder puff.
“Throughout the day, the natural oils in your skin will come through, giving you a glow that’s far more effective than using a shimmery base, which can emphasise lines.”

2 Get clever with concealer

Used the right way, concealer can be an essential anti-ageing tool.
“We tend to get darker around the eyes as we age and that can make your eyes look smaller. Cover shadows with a good concealer, going under your eyes and up the sides of your nose, too. This will hide darkness and lift your eye shape.” says Anna. Apply sparingly and pat it on gently with your middle finger.

3 Groom your brows

“Shaping your eyebrows is vital as you get older to frame and lift your eyes,” says Anna. As well as getting rid of straggly hairs, she points out that filling brows in with a pencil is an anti-ageing trick that will immediately knock off years. “Brows become sparser with age, so filling them in – even if you never bothered with an eyebrow pencil before – will make a huge difference.” Look for a waxy pencil that blends easily. Avoid going too dark, as that can make you look stern – it’s better to choose a shade that’s slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow colour.

4 Fake a youthful flush

“Blusher is essential as you get older,” says Anna. “It can help recreate the natural peachy bloom you had when you were younger.” The secret is to choose the right youth-boosting shade. “Avoid brown tones, which are flat and ageing, and don’t go too pink either,” advises Anna. Instead, she recommends a bright apricot or coral shade to lift your complexion.

5 Push your hair back

Daniel Balbes, senior artistic director at London’s Michaeljohn salon, advises, “Take your hair back. It opens up your face and gives your features a subtle lift.” But avoid severe styles such as tight ponytails, which can look harsh. “The key is to take your hair off your face softly,” Daniel says. Try brushing back the front section, tucking it behind your ears or, if it’s long, pulling it into a loose ponytail or bun.

6 Emphasise your eyes

“As you get older it’s important to make up your eyes because they can lose definition and start to look smaller as your eyelids sag,” says Anna. “Well-defined eyes could detract from any crow’s feet, too.
“Keep make-up soft and simple; the quickest way to make eyes look amazing is to use a kohl pencil all around your eyes, focusing more on the upper eyelids, then smudge it with your finger for a soft, flattering effect.”
Avoid high-fashion brights, which highlight wrinkles, and instead choose pencils in soft brown, grey or aubergine. “Swap black mascara for brown, which still gives definition,” adds Anna.

7 Perfect your pout

“Add youthful shine to your lips with gloss – it looks fabulous as you get older,” says Anna. “Lips thin with age but gloss helps them look plumper. Avoid deeply pigmented colours and choose a lighter soft pinky peach shade for a flattering look.”

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