7 ways to your best brows yet

7 ways to your best brows yet

1 Tweeze a few hairs daily while the hairs are short, because it’s easier to tell which should stay and which need to go.

2 If you make a mistake, grow it out – don’t try to correct it! Overplucking and plucking above the brow should be avoided at all costs as hair doesn’t always grow back and you run the risk of permanently ruining your arch and most flattering shape.

3 For a total reshape, grow your brows out for as long as you can bear because the more you have, the greater the transformation.

4 Tweeze your brows after a hot bath or shower and always in natural light.

5 Remember brows are ‘sisters, not twins’, if you try to make your brows identical you’ll end up plucking them to nothing.

6 Take just a few hairs at a time from each side – it’s much easier than doing one and then trying to copy it on the other side.

7 Always sit in front of a large mirror and use a magnified hand held mirror, this gives you an overall realistic view and the hand mirror helps with the detail. Move from mirror to mirror checking the shape as you go.

8 Invest in quality tools. Shavata has a great range of tweezers to buy, that will ensure your brows stay looking groomed, visit www.shavata.co.uk.

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