5 ways to get your best hair yet with help from the experts

5 ways to get your best hair yet with help from the experts

1. Ignore common hair myths

You can’t wear your hair long past 50…
Feeling the pressure to have the chop? It’s rubbish that women of a certain age can’t get away with long locks, just look at Jane Seymour! However, if you do dare to keep your crowning glory make sure it’s in tip-top condition and consider face-framing layers to soften the look.
You should change your shampoo regularly…
Hair doesn’t actually get used to products, it’s more likely that your hair is dull and limp due to a build-up of product that your normal shampoo isn’t shifting.
You should brush your hair a hundred times every day…
Actually you should keep brushing to a minimum, because over brushing can break hair and also damage the scalp, disrupting the natural growth process.

2. Talk to your hairdresser

When it comes to turning back the clock, your hairdresser may hold the key. “Clever cutting techniques can make you and your hair look younger,” says hairdressing guru Andrew Barton. “Thicker, fuller hair is hair that shines and has movement, so avoid super straight looks and opt for hairstyles with more lift and body. Don’t go overboard with lots of layers though, as this can make the hair cut lighter and thinner at the ends. Instead, heavier, longer layers work better as they have a bit more weight to them.”

3. Embrace your grey

“Grey hair can look amazing, so long as it’s well nourished, glossy and the right tone,” says celebrity hairdresser Phil Smith. “The important thing to remember is just because you’ve gone ‘au naturel’ it doesn’t mean you don’t need to take time to maintain your hair.” Grey hair often feels wiry, dry and can be prone to frizziness. To combat this, condition after every wash and use moisture-boosting products. We like Phil Smith’s Be Gorgeous Total Treat Argan Oil Cream (£4.49/100ml), which helps lock in moisture, leaving your hair nourished, sleek and glossy. And because it’s easy to look washed out with grey or white hair, it’s even more important to wear make-up that makes your skin glow. Stick to luminous and dewy finish foundations and never skip blush. Choose softer shades of eyeliner and mascara in brown, or even plum.

4. Adapt your lifestyle

Like your skin, healthy hair starts with a healthy diet. “For strong, shiny and healthy hair follow a diet rich in protein, fresh vegetables and fruit,” says Andrew. “Don’t forget to drink plenty water throughout the day to rehydrate the body, which in turn will rehydrate your hair.”

5. Combat thinning hair

“Hair growth factors are signals that tell your hair to grow, but during and after the menopause, oestrogenic hormones decrease and less hair growth factor is produced,” explains Nanogen’s Brand Manager and Biochemist Toby Cobbledick. “Hair looks thinner, because there’s less in the growth phase and while individual hairs are not actually finer, they appear so.” Thankfully there are lots of well-researched products on the market to tackle this common complaint. We like Nanogen’s Growth Factor Treatment Serum (£29.95/30ml), which creates the perfect environment for growth by restoring healthy condition, protecting the scalp and helping maintain existing hair growth.