5 ways to recycle leftover beauty products

5 ways to recycle leftover beauty products

Anushka F, Freebie Finder at Magic Freebies – free stuff, free samples and more shares her top five beauty money-savers.

1. Top up your body scrub

When your tub of scrub is almost running out, make it last longer by topping it up with either brown sugar or Epsom salts and some olive or coconut oil. These kitchen cupboard ingredients have skin-smoothing properties and blend well.

2. Make a scented body lotion or shower cream

If you've reached the last few drops of your favourite perfume, pour the remainder into an old unscented moisturiser or shower cream. You'll get to enjoy the fragrance for much longer and get a free beauty product out of it.

3. Turn your old lipstick into new lip gloss

When your lipstick get old and wears down, simply scrape it out and melt down over some heat. Mix with some Vaseline and pour into a tin or tube.  You can even mix different colours together to create a brand new shade!

4. Use bad haircare for shaving

It's happened to us all – you try a new shampoo or conditioner and it turns out to be terrible. Instead of binning it, use it on your legs as a shaving lotion! Conditioner soothes and moisturises during shaving, and if you like it could work out more cost-effective than pricey shaving foam.

5. Make your own blusher or bronzer

If you have some old or shattered blushers then don't let them go to waste. Add them together to make a nice shade, add a few drops of Rubbing Alcohol and gently nudge the pieces together. In 30 minutes it will set and you’ll have a new blusher!

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