5 tips for the perfect wedding guest look

5 tips for the perfect wedding guest look

1 Jackets are great for hiding wobbly arms, but instead of a matching suit, try a coordinating blazer, cropped jacket or go formal with a fabulous frock coat.

2 If you love black for its slimming benefits, try navy instead. It’s chic and will still help disguise any lumps and bumps.

3 Comfort is key, so opt for lower heel heights or flats that will ensure you’re the last one on that dance floor.

4 Tailored trousers can look just as smart for special occasions. Navy and cream are classic choices, but brighter shades can look great – just avoid casual jean-like styles.

5 Most importantly of all, whatever you choose make sure you feel confident and comfortable. If it’s an important event it’s probably not the right time to step completely outside of your comfort zone.