5 anti-ageing foundations tested by you

5 anti-ageing foundations tested by you

Fight the signs of ageing and look flawless!

Radiance booster

L'Oreal Paris NutriLift Gold Foundation, SPF 20, £14.29/25ml

The claim: Combines age-fighting ingredients and gold micro particles for firmer and smoother skin.

Sandra Moorfield (68) says: This foundation blended easily and I only needed a tiny amount. It gives good coverage and really felt like I wasn't wearing anything. The finish felt a little powdery and I could feel the gold particles, but these did help brighten my skin. The overall effect was light and natural, so it would be perfect for summer. Had good staying power and lasted all day, but personally I prefer a fuller coverage. I did notice a lifting effect after application, but this didn't last. My usual foundation is much more expensive, so I do think it's good value and for a trusted brand.

Verdict: I only marked it down as I prefer a fuller coverage.



Light performance

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation, SPF 10, £27/30ml

Margaret Hobson (57) says: It looks very watery, but actually blended nicely. However, I wasn't impressed with the coverage it gave and had to apply a second layer to cover redness. Initially it worked fine with my other make-up products, but I did find I had to reapply my blusher later in the day, which I wouldn't have to with my normal foundation. I wouldn't say it has much staying power and throughout the day it settled into my lines making my skin look patchy and dry.

Verdict: I love Clarins usually, but this foundation was disappointing.




Max Factor Face Finity All-Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation, SPF 20, £11.99/30ml

The claim: A primer, concealer and foundation in one to give long-lasting coverage.

Gill Dewy (62) says: I have three different foundations on the go at the moment and all are higher priced, so I was interested to see what results this one gave. It has a lighter coverage than I'd normally wear, but I found with a second application it was adequate. It isn't greasy or sticky and dries quite quickly. Even though the coverage is light, it has great staying power. I agree with the ‘all-day flawless' claim!

Verdict: A little too light for me, but great value as it would cut down on the additional products needed.



Fab all-rounder

No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation, SPF 15, £16.50/30ml

The claim: Formulated to lift and firm skin with a combination of ingredients that also brighten and moisturise. Gives a smooth, even coverage.

Pat Turner (65) says: I use foundation every day and was so impressed with this one that it has easily become a favourite. It's easy to apply and blends well, giving great coverage without feeling oily or looking unnatural. In fact, it feels very creamy and smooth on the skin more like a moisturising cream. Straight away my skin looked brighter, glowing and didn't feel at all dry. It easily covered up my dark patches, so I'd happily use it day or night. It's good value and would last ages as you only need a small amount to get great coverage.

Verdict: I don't have anything negative to say about this product – it does everything it claims!



Top anti-ageing choice

Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Makeup, SPF 20, £13.99/30ml

The claim: Combines advanced anti-ageing skincare technology to fight the signs of ageing and gives a flawless coverage.

Valery McConnell (55) says: I was quite impressed with the quality of this foundation and that it left my skin glowing. My usual foundation is double the price, but the performance of this one is just as good, but feels lighter almost like you're not wearing foundation. It isn't greasy or drying and is easy to blend to a natural finish. It worked fine with my other skincare and make-up products and worked just as well without a primer underneath. I would happily wear this foundation day or night and it has an impressive SPF 20.

Verdict: This foundation is great value, so I'll definitely keep using it.