3 ways to embrace your grey

3 ways to embrace your grey

“Grey hair can look amazing, so long as it’s well nourished, glossy and the right tone,” says celebrity hairdresser Phil Smith. “The important thing to remember is just because you’ve gone ‘au naturel’ it doesn’t mean you don’t need to take time to maintain your hair.”

Step one

Grey hair often feels wiry, dry and can be prone to frizziness. To combat this, condition after every wash and use moisture-boosting products. We like Phil Smith’s Be Gorgeous Total Treat Argan Oil Cream (£4.49/100ml), which helps lock in moisture, leaving your hair nourished, sleek and glossy. 


Step two

If your hair is naturally white the White Hot Brilliant Shampoo (£12/200ml) can be used weekly to give hair a brightening boost and will help banish those dull yellow tones.


Step three

It’s easy to look washed out with grey or white hair so it’s even more important to wear make-up that makes your skin glow. Stick to luminous and dewy finish foundations and never skip blush. Choose softer shades of eyeliner and mascara in brown, or even plum.

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