15 money-saving hair and beauty hacks for Christmas

1. Make lipstick last

A bold lip is a great look to go for at your Christmas party, as it’s quick and easy to do. To save you keep re-applying and using up your lipstick, hold a tissue over your pout and dust on some translucent powder to set your lippie.

2. Buy make-up online

Around Christmas time many beauty retailers will add free samples into you order so you might get a sachet of fake tan and a fragrance to wear on the night completely free of charge.

3. Go to a make-up counter

Many cosmetics counters will do makeovers free of charge so a few hours before the big night visit your local department store and get all dolled up with your favourite products without spending a penny.

4. Have a mini hair-salon with friends

Arrange to meet at someone’s house before the party and do each other’s hair with some glasses of bubbly. It will take the stress out of creating the perfect do, you’ll have great fun doing it and it’s free.

5. Match your nails to your eyeshadow

Finding a nail varnish to match your jewel eye shadow can be hard work and pricey so instead break off a little of the powder and mix with a clear nail polish for perfect eyes and nails.

6. Banish blemishes

Got a nasty pimple emerging the day before the party? Instead of splashing out on expensive spot treatment, dab a little Greek yoghurt onto the offending blemish. This natural remedy will help unclog the pore, breakdown dead skin cells and balance bacteria, all while moisturising at the same time.

7. Use antibacterial gel to combat shiny skin

If you’re going straight to the party from the office chances are you’ll have a bit of a shiny forehead from sitting in front of your screen all day. Instead of buying expensive blotting papers, dab a little antibacterial gel on your T-zone. It will act as a protective coat and lock in moisture, which creates the oil.

8. Extend your blow dry

If you’re looking for a natural and cheaper alternative to dry shampoo, squeeze some lemon juice onto a cotton ball and dab onto your roots to absorb any oils. It will leave your locks smelling fresh and looking luscious.

9. Make your own gel eyeliner

Winged cat-eye make up is all the rage for winter 2016 but gel eyeliner can be expensive. Instead, just use your kohl but carefully hold it in a flame for one second to heat it up. Leave it to cool then apply for an intense smudge without the price tag.

10. See a trainee stylist

If you want to go big on hair for the party but can’t afford salon prices, visit your local hairdressing colleges. They will do you up for a very low cost and sometimes even free.

11. Swap make-up remover for baby shampoo

During the party season you’re going to be rocking many smoky eyes and bold lips, which you’ll need to scrub off at the end of the night. Instead of splashing out on an expensive make-up remover, use baby shampoo which is just as good for your skin and less than half the price. For more stubborn make up, use baby oil.

12. Stock up in the sales

After Christmas, gift sets will be in the sale so stock up on all your favourite hair and beauty products then.

13. Use baking soda to whiten teeth

You want to show off a dazzling smile in all the party photos but paying for teeth whitening is extortionate and the specially designed toothpastes can be very pricey with little to no results. For pearly whites without the price tag, try rubbing baking power mixed with lemon juice on your teeth, leave on for one minute then rinse. Do this once a week for noticeable results.

14. Put eau de parfum on your Christmas list

Time to ask Santa nicely, eau de parfum is more expensive but it lasts longer than eau de toilette so is better value. Save on scent using websites like HalfPricePerfumes.

15.Use green tea bags to reduce puffiness

The Christmas party season may lead to a few late nights in a row. To reduce puffiness and redness around the eyes, don’t opt for an expensive cream but instead used cooled green tea bags and leave on your eyes for 15 minutes.

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