12 tips for healthy winter hair
  1. Avoid hot showers. It can be tempting to turn your shower temperature up full blast but this will damage your scalp and leave it flaky. Try to wash your hair in tepid water.
  2. Moisturise. You wouldn’t neglect moisturising your skin in the winter months so don’t forget your hair too. Try to use a hydrating mask to restore your locks' natural oils that might have been stripped away in the cold.
  3. Protect from static. Woolly hats and cosy scarves can make hair go haywire. Try using a frizz control spray and pat down using tumble dryer sheets - strange, but it works!
  4. Use an ionic dryer. Coming into a warm house from a cold day is bound to make your hair frizz. Use an ionic hairdryer to stifle static and keep cuticles smooth.
  5. Switch up your colour. Your hair reacts to sunlight and may appear dull in colder, darker months. Try combining two or three shades when you colour hair to add texture and lift.
  6. Swap gels for creams. If you use gels or thick serums, it’s time to switch your product. Gels can make hair stiffen in cold weather especially when applied to wet hair. Creams will help to soften and protect the hair.
  7. Invest in a silk-lined hat. If your hair is naturally curly, try wearing a silk-lined hat to protect your waves. The soft fabric will prevent breakage as well as keeping your head toasty.
  8. Use Vitamin E. Harsh winds can cause split ends, try rubbing Vitamin E treatments or oils on the ends of your hair to replenish them. Some say massaging this miracle oil onto your scalp can make hair grow fast too.
  9. Always have dry shampoo handy. 'Hat hair' happens to the best of us so when it comes to taking yours off, have a small bottle of dry shampoo in your handbag ready to rescue flat roots. 
  10. Have regular trips to the hairdresser. Keep your hair in good condition in these harsh months by visiting your salon regularly. Aim to go every six weeks to keep your ends tided up.
  11. Keep washing your hair to a minimum. If you can, try and limit yourself to only washing your hair two or three times a week to prevent it from drying out in the cold. This will minimise the amount of heat styling you do as well, which can have double its effect in the cold.
  12. Condition and comb. Windy weather can make detangling hair a nightmare. Instead of wrestling with your brush after the shower, comb through your ends whilst still wet with conditioner in to get rid of all the knots.
  • Tips from hairtrade
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