10 ways to the perfect fake tan

10 ways to the perfect fake tan

1 Avoid shaving for at least 24 hours before tanning.

2 Try not to use any perfume, body oils or deodorant before tanning.

3 Always wear gloves when applying fake tan – to avoid unsightly orange palms!

4 Wait until your tan is completely dry before dressing.

5 Don’t wear tight or light coloured clothing directly after tanning.

6 Avoid water contact while your tans developing.

7 Don’t apply any products over a developing tan – that includes perfume.

8 Try not to get too sweaty straight after tanning – so avoid any exercise until your tan has fully developed.

9 If using a wash off tan, follow the instructions carefully and don’t wash it off before the recommended time.
10 Be careful using moisturising products containing oils on your tan.

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