10 easy beauty tips to try today
  1. Petroleum jelly can make your perfume last longer. Apply to your wrists, neck, inside elbows, behind knees and on ankles and calves before dabbing on your favourite scent - you'll be amazed at how much longer your fragrance will last.
  2. Use baby powder for wider-looking eyes. Accentuate your eyelashes by carefully applying baby powder to them using a cotton bud on both upper and lower lashes, before coating with mascara as usual.
  3. Silk pillowcases could make bad hair days a thing of the past. Cotton cases can cause hair to break and frizz, while silk pillowcases reduce split ends and can also reduce fine lines on your face in the morning.
  4. Clean your nails with distilled vinegar. Before applying your polish, clean your nails with a cotton bud soaked in a little distilled vinegar. The clean surface will help your manicure last.
  5. Avoid hot showers. It can be tempting to put your shower temperature up to the maximum on a chilly morning, but this will damage your scalp and leave it flaky. Try to wash your hair in tepid water, especially in summer.
  6. Condition and comb. If you’re prone to knotty hair, instead of wrestling with your brush after the shower, comb through your ends whilst still wet with conditioner in to get rid of all the tangles. Then rinse as normal.
  7. Keep all brushes clean. Bacteria build-up is never good on your make up brushes - it can lead to spots and other unsightly skin problems. Make sure to clean your brushes once every two weeks. You can use regular shampoo and warm water.
  8. Dot some highlighter onto your lips. Once you’ve applied your lipstick, try dabbing a little highlighter into the centre of your lips and cupid’s bow to make your pout stand out.
  9. Use white nail varnish before your favourite polish to make the colour stand out, and nails look healthier and brighter.
  10. Spray bobby pins with hairspray. To save yourself constantly readjusting your hair grips throughout the day, spritz them with hair spray or dry shampoo first so they’ll hold better.
  •  Tips from HairTrade
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