5 things Google can help you with

5 things Google can help you with

Miles Waghorn from TechSilver.co.uk offers his advice on getting the most out of Google

Every second over 40,000 people across the world make a search on Google, that adds up to 3.5 billion searches per day, or 1.2 trillion searches per year.

Whether you're one of the thousands of people that search something every second or yet to be convinced of it's possibilities, these hints and tips are bound to make your life easier.

Google Voice Search  

Typing can be fiddly and take longer than necessary, especially if you're using the small screen and buttons of a smartphone. Voice search allows you to speak questions or commands in to Google and get an instant reaction anywhere with an internet connection. It even learns your voice the more you use it, so it will get better at understanding you over time. It's like having an extremely intelligent friend in your pocket that you can ask just about anything and get an instant accurate answer.

You can activate this by either tapping the microphone icon on the search bar or saying 'OK Google' from the pre-installed Google app on a mobile device or tablet (Android only, not Apple). 

E.g. ask 'What's the population of Brazil?', 'Who invented the seat belt' or 'How long does it take to cook roast beef?'

TIP: If you're on your android smartphone you can ask questions specific to your location e.g. 'Navigate to Wembley stadium' or 'When's the next bus to Southend' and it will open the route information in Google maps. 


Measurement Conversion  

Ever wondered how much that quarter pounder burger weighed in grams? If you need to convert any measurement, then Google will do in an instant.

E.g. search '10km in miles' or '6ft in cm'   

TIP: Google will bring up a handy toolbox after you've searched, with menus where you can change your search e.g. distance to weight or km to feet. 


Weather Forecasts  

Instead of waiting for the TV weather reporter, get a specific run-down for where you live, or perhaps where you're travelling to. Google will give you an hourly prediction for the day, precipitation, how much wind to expect as well as the week ahead's forecast.  

E.g. search 'Manchester weather' or "Do I need an umbrella?'   

TIP: If you're signed in to your Google account on mobile, tablet or computer, you can simply type, or even say 'Do I need a coat today?' and Google will do the rest!  

Shopping & Price Comparison  

Many of us know that great deals are to be found online, however finding them can sometimes be a time consuming task, especially when some of the bigger retailers don't always have the biggest discounts.  

If you search a product name in to Google then click the 'Shopping' tab at the top, it will bring up a list of the most relevant places to find it.   

E.g. search 'Doro liberto 825 case' or "Lego architecture Venice'   

TIP: If you're really on the hunt for the best deal, try changing the order of results at the top from 'Default' to Price low-high', be sure to use the price 'from' and 'to' boxes on the right to filter out the related but different products e.g. tablet cases when searching for the tablet.  


Going Dutch in a restaurant with friends or needing to add on (or take off) a tip? Luckily someone invented calculators to our rescue, although Google has taken it to the next level by understanding questions as your maths teacher would ask them back at school.   

E.g. search '126/4' or "What's 86.52 plus 10%'  

TIP: Use 'Google Voice search (explained above) to verbally ask the calculation and get a much quicker answer