5-minute guide to uploading your digital photos

5-minute guide to uploading your digital photos

How do I upload my photos to a computer?

Once you’ve taken your shots, it’s always a good idea to pop them onto a computer. This keeps your precious photos safe and lets you delete the snaps from your camera to free up its memory (ready for you to take lots more great pictures).

Depending on what make of camera you have, you can upload your photos using either the USB cable that came with your camera or else the camera’s memory card.

Option 1: use a USB cable

  • Have a rummage back through the box your camera came in and you may find a USB cable.
  • Plug the smaller end of this cable into your camera (look on the sides and the bottom of the camera for the socket) and plug the other end into your computer. Then switch on your camera and wait for your computer to pop up with a few on-screen options.
  • You want to open the folder to view the files and this should take you to a folder called ‘DCIM’ (which is just shorthand for ‘Digital Camera IMages’). Take a look in here and right click and ‘Copy’ the photos you want to upload.
  • Finally head to the place where you want to put the photos on your computer (‘My Pictures’ is a good place to start or else you could make a folder on your desktop), then right click and ‘Paste’ (or press ‘CTRL’ and ‘v’) and your photos should all move onto there.

Top Tip: If you’ve got a lot of photos you want to upload at once, when you’re selecting the image, click on ‘Home’ and then ‘Select All’ or else click on all the photos you want whilst holding down the ‘CTRL’ key.

Option 2: Memory card

If you don’t have a USB cable, it’s not to worry as you can use your camera’s memory card instead. Look around the sides and bottom of the camera for a door you can open. Inside here should be the stamp-sized plastic memory card. 

Carefully take this out and slide it into your computer’s memory card reader (this will be a small slit in the side of your laptop or on your desktop computer’s tower) until you hear it click. Your computer should then pop up with the same box of options explained above. From here, just follow the same instructions for uploading your snaps.

Can I store my photos somewhere safe?

The Internet is an Ikea shop full of great storage boxes for your photos. These help keep them in one place and avert any catastrophe caused when your fingers accidentally slip onto the ‘delete’ button (which we’ve all done at least once!)

Some of the online storage options we love include:

  • Dropbox- available to anyone with an email address, Dropbox gives you a good amount of free storage and the fun chance to ‘earn’ more space by inviting your friends to join. It’s also really easy to safely share your albums virtually with family and friends.
  • Google Drive- if you already have a Gmail email address, using Google Drive is probably the easiest option for you. You get a really generous amount of free storage, perfect if you love to hoard albums and albums of pictures.
  • One Drive- can store documents, videos and lots more in one place as well as cleverly synching between your computer, tablet and mobile (which is great if you love taking impromptu snaps with your smartphone).

How do I view and share my photos?

If you want to reminisce through your holiday snaps when the family around you can gather everyone round the laptop and create a slideshow of your pics. Just open the first picture, right click and pick ‘Slideshow’ or else choose to open the picture with a programme such as ‘Windows Photo Gallery’.

Some televisions also come with a cable called a HDMI cable that you can plug into your laptop so you can crowd around the tele to see your favourite photos.

Social media is also a great way of sharing your much-loved photos with family and friends. Facebook in particular allows you to create albums, tag your loved ones and share special moments with the people who know you. You can read our 5 minute guide to Facebook here.

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