5 minute guide to Facebook

5 minute guide to Facebook

What is facebook?

Facebook is a way of keeping in touch with friends, old and new, across the world using the internet and it's a brilliant way to reconnect with old schoolfriends. For our age group it can be a bit of a mystery, but for your children and grandchildren, who are likely to already use facebook, it's second nature.  Learn how to use it and you can keep in touch with them, or 'follow' things that you like (such as Yours).

'Like' our Facebook page and you can chat to other readers, comment and enter competitions.

How do I get started?

Visit www.facebook.com to set up your profile, which is just a few personal details. You'll need your email address, birth date and gender - that's it! Once set up, it's completely up to you how much you want to make public - from your old school photos to your love of Strictly Come Dancing - you can share as much or as little as you like. 

Finding friends

Connecting with other people is the whole point of  facebook so you'll need to have some 'friends'. When you register, facebook will automatically search the site for people who are also in your computer's email address book (completely safe and your details won't be stored) then suggest them as friends. To search for someone, type the name in the search bar, click 'search' to see if they have a profile page and if  they do, click  'add friend'. Then just wait for your 'friend request' to be accepted, confirming that  they know you.


Staying safe online is very important, so we recommend updating your privacy settings to keep your personal information secure. Click on the small padlock icon at the top right of the screen and select 'Who can see my stuff?'. Under 'Who can see my future posts' select 'friends' - this means that only your friends on facebook can see your profile, status updates, and photos. Even though there is space to do so, never put your address or telephone number on your profile.
What does it look like?

There are three basic types of page on Facebook: your timeline,  your profile page and other people's profiles.

  • The timeline. You'll see this page when you log on and it will show the latest photos and status updates from friends (on what they're up to) and news from anything else that you like to follow.
  • Your profile. This can be found by clicking on your name and photo (top left). This is what other people will see when they look for you on facebook. It's a record of your time on there and everything you've written (called 'posts'. Of course every 'post' can be deleted if you change your mind by clicking the drop-down arrow on the right-hand side, so you have complete control.
  • Another person's profile page. View this by clicking on their picture or name, then read all about them!


Why not start out by 'liking'  Yours on facebook? It's easy - visit www.facebook.com/yoursmagazine. You can join in with the chat about topical issues and share your thoughts and opinions!

We also have a ‘closed’ group on Facebook where members can chat in a really safe and secure environment because only other members of the group can see what’s being posted.

You will have to ask to be added as a member of the group and if (in the unlikely event) there are any problems with a member we can remove them from the group. So why not ask to join our Facebook Meeting Place group where you'll find lots of your new friends already chatting away.