Tagliatelle with walnut and watercress pesto

Tagliatelle with walnut and watercress pesto


1. Cook the tagliatelle in plenty of salted boiling water for approximately 15 minutes, or according to packet instructions. 
2. Meanwhile, place the chopped watercress, garlic, walnuts, Parmesan and mayonnaise in a food processor and blend until smooth.  Season to taste.
3. Rinse the pasta in boiling water, then stir in the pesto immediately.  Serve, topped with a sprinkling of olives and walnuts, and garnished with the remaining watercress

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Reserve a few leaves of watercress to garnish


500g (1lb) tagliatelle
170g (5¾oz) watercress, finely chopped, reserving a few leaves for garnish
½ clove garlic, crushed
50g (2oz) walnuts
100g (3½oz) freshly grated parmesan
2 tbsp mayonnaise
Black olives and walnuts, to garnish


Time: 25 minutes, including cooking time
Serves: 4
Nutrition: 774 calories, 30g fat, 8g sat. fat