Top tips for solo suppers

Top tips for solo suppers

We're always on the hunt for ways to cut down our weekly supermarket bills and save waste. And that's especially the case when we're on our own. So we've asked TV chef, presenter and nutritionist, Christine Bailey, to come up with her top tips for buying for and planning meals for one that are satisfying, healthy, economical and which we'll feel motivated to make.

We've also gathered the very best solo recipes that will give you more from your mealtimes - with no beans on toast in sight.

  • Love your freezer: bags of frozen vegetables, fruit, fish fillets, portions of poultry and meat are all perfect for keeping in stock when you're serving for one. As long as you shop and select your foods carefully, frozen doesn't have to mean unhealthier than fresh either.
  • Keep your store cupboard full of cans of mackerel, sardines and salmon for an instant bit of protein. It's really important not to leave certain food groups out of your diet (meat and protein is a common one) when you're cooking up quick suppers for one.
  • Eggs are perfect for a speedy breakfast or omelette with salad for lunch, so always have a box in.
  • Make up batches of mince and stews. They always come in all throughout the year. Make plans to cook them up say every other Sunday when you have time. Once they're cooked, allow them to cool and then freeze in individual portions.
  • If you're worried about buying too much fruit in case it goes to waste, remember over-ripe fruit can be frozen and used in smoothies or for making homemade ice cream and sorbets. You can also often use them in a cake, such as a banana cake.
  • Bags of porridge oats will keep for ages and are a really versatile ingredient to use for morning porridge, homemade muesli or toppings on sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Rather than buying bags of salad leaves which may go soggy, buy little gem lettuces instead. They're smaller, much more robust and will last longer.
  • Like herbs? Rather than always buying them in fresh, chop up the whole packet of herbs and freeze them in ice cube trays. Then just dig them out of the freezer, defrost and use whenever you need them.

Here's some of the best recipes that work brilliantly for one person. They'll hopefully leave you feeling so happy you don't have to share them with anyone.

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