Deluxe barbeque beef and veggie burger

Deluxe barbeque beef and veggie burger


  1. Lightly coat a non-stick frying pan with olive oil spray. Heat to medium.
  2. Divide the beef into 2 portions and flatten into burgers about 1cm thick.
  3. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper and cook the burgers alongside the courgette, tomato, onion and red pepper for around 2-3mins on each side, until the burgers are cooked through and the vegetables are softened.
  4. Cut the bread rolls in half, spoon on the relish and top with spinach, beef and vegetables.
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You can eat burgers and still lose weight with this delicious recipe from the Hairy Bikers Diet Club!


1 spray olive oil spray
200g (7oz) lean beef mince
1 pinch of salt
1 ground black pepper
1 small sliced courgette
1 medium tomato, cut into thick slices
2 small onions, peeled and cut into thick slices
1 red pepper, deseeded and sliced into strips
2 medium soft brown rolls
50g (2oz) tomato relish
35g (1¼oz) spinach, chopped


Time: 10 mins
Serves: 2
Nutrition: 415 cals, Fat 13g