Britain’s favourite pancake topping revealed!

Britain’s favourite pancake topping revealed!

What will you be having on your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? A poll by B&M Stores has found that Britain’s favourite pancake filling is lemon and sugar, settling the age-old pancake topping debate once and for all!

With over a quarter of the votes, the classic combination is followed by chocolate spread with 14%. Closely behind that is maple syrup, which comes in at 13%, with fruit and jam coming in at 7% and 4% respectively.

Regional pancake preferences

However, when the results are narrowed down to which region the pancake lovers were from, it told a different story. While people from England remain traditional with lemon and sugar, Welsh residents prefer chocolate spread, whereas respondents from Northern Ireland enjoy maple syrup and the Scottish are partial to a jam-filled pancake.

Age-old differences

Perhaps unsurprisingly, older people aged over 65 take a more traditional approach to pancake making, with 38% of this age range saying that lemon and sugar is their favourite topping. The number one topping of 18 - 24 year olds is chocolate spread, with just over a fifth of the age group choosing this option.

Lauren for B&M Stores, says: “It is very interesting to see that even with the array of delicious pancake toppings available, the classic lemon and sugar combination is still coming out on top for many.

“However, whether you are preparing a traditional thin pancake with lemon and sugar or American one topped with maple syrup and bacon, you should use this occasion to spend some time with your family, and get everyone cooking! Happy Pancake Day.”

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