5 Ways to use leftover Easter eggs

5 Ways to use leftover Easter eggs

If you’ve overdosed on chocolate this bank holiday and you just can’t bear to look at those eggs any longer, Head Pastry Chef Ellen de Jager has rustled up some top tips on how to use your leftover Easter eggs.

  1. Rocky road: For an easy no bake recipe for the children, try Easter themed rocky road. Mix the melted leftover chocolate with mini marshmallows, digestive biscuits, dried fruit or mini chocolate eggs then place in the fridge to set for 3 hours. Once it is set, dust with icing sugar. Try: Julie Walters’ Hokey Pokey Rocky Road
  2. Chocolate croissants: One for the chocoholics! Make or buy readymade croissant dough and stuff with leftover Creme or Caramel eggs. Once baked you’ll have warm croissants oozing with chocolate. Try: Chocolate hazelnut & banana croissant
  3. Chocolate bananas: Feeling a bit guilty after all of that chocolate? For that ‘health kick’ cover sliced banana in melted chocolate then put in the fridge to set. Try - Banana & granola pops
  4. Chocolate mug cake: To fix that chocolate craving, quickly melt butter and chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds. Beat the mixture until soft then whisk in an egg, sugar, flour and baking powder then microwave for one minute and 20 seconds. Try this: Jaffa chocolate mug cake
  5. Crème egg brownies or cupcakes: Add left over crème eggs to cupcake or brownie mix for a gooey chocolate centre. Perfect for the ultimate chocolate lover and a great alternative to traditional Simnel cake. Try: Creme egg shortbread bites
  6. Ice cream topping: Easy but absolutely delicious! Simply melt your leftover Easter chocolate and pour over ice cream as chocolate sauce.


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