Bunny rabbit cake

Bunny rabbit cake


Ready made 6 inch round cake
450g (1lb) of buttercream
Renshaw icing in white, pink and black
Gum tragacanth
Grass piping nozzle


  • Top Tip -The rabbit’s ears need to be made a day or two in advance to give them time to harden.
  1. Take two golf ball sized pieces of white icing and knead into each ball a pinch of gum tragacanth.
  2. Shape each ball into a pointy rabbit ear approximately four inches long and use your thumb to make a hollow within each. Insert a cocktail stick into the base of each ear.
  3. Add some pink icing to each ear, again using your thumb to make an indentation in each to give it shape and depth.
  4. Shape a pea-sized amount of pink icing into a triangular nose and cut out two one inch circles of white icing for the cheeks.
  5. Leave all the icing elements to dry and harden – these can be made a few days in advance.
  6. To decorate the cake, first cover it all over with a 3mm thick layer of buttercream.
  7. Fill a piping bag with buttercream and attach the grass piping nozzle. Use a fairly stiff buttercream to pipe on the ‘fur’- mix in more icing sugar if your buttercream is too soft. This will ensure that the ‘fur’ stands up when you pipe it on the cake.
  8. Start at the base of the cake and holding the nozzle at a 90 degree angle from the cake, apply firm pressure to squeeze out the buttercream to attach it to the cake, then pull away sharply leaving the strands of ‘fur’.
  9. Continue all around the base of the cake, and then work your way up a row at a time.
  10. Cover the entire cake with the piped buttercream.
  11. Stick the ears into the top of the cake and add the nose and cheeks. If you find it difficult to attach the cheeks and nose because the buttercream has already dried then just add a little fresh buttercream to the back of the icing pieces.
  12. Roll six pea-sized balls of black icing, keep two for the eyes and roll the other four into long whiskers and attach to the cake
  13. Add ribbon around the cake drum and embellish with icing flowers if liked.


This rabbit themed cake is the perfect showstopper to bring to the Easter table



Time: 45 mins
Serves: 8-10
Nutrition: n/a