Wrap up Christmas like the professionals

Wrap up Christmas like the professionals

Once you've braved the shops and bought the presents, give your Christmas gifts that extra special touch with a professional-looking gift wrap. No need to take it to the experts, we've brought the experts to you as Juliette Hadland and Louise Miller from Hallmark share the secrets of success for a wowing wrap your family and friends will love to find in their stockings on Christmas Day.

General top tips

  • Be frugal with your paper. Using too much only leads to bulk and uneven folds anyway so save your money by saving on paper. Ideally the ends should overlap by just 3-4cm when you fold them.
  • When you've cut an uneven edge, make sure you fold it over so there's a neat finish before you stick it down.
  • Invest in some double-sided tape or folded sticky tape for a really professional finish. Alternatively,  you could make a feature of your sticky tape by using Japanese paper Washi tapes on a plain coloured wrapping paper to give your gift a really modern and fun-looking twist.
  • Save money by making your own bows and accessories out of leftover wrapping paper.

For those tricky-shaped gifts 

  • We all have those one or two rogue items in our shopping bags that are a feat to wrap. For small fiddly bits and bobs, it's often better to go for a pillow box instead. Just wrap your gift in tissue paper and place inside the box.
  • If you're wrapping an item of clothing, try cutting a piece of card to size and placing inside or underneath the garment. This will make your parcel feel more sturdy and avoid you accidentally scrunching up or ripping the garment. It also helps you do those difficult neat folds and corners so a wonder worker on all fronts!
  • You could try wrapping any awkward items in several layers of tissue paper. Then just add a band of co-ordinating wrap around the centre.

For something extra special

  •  You can create a novelty gift cracker just using a toilet roll- great for wrapping sweeties and other small items! Just pop your gift inside the toilet roll tube, roll a couple of layers of tissue paper around and place a piece of co-ordinating wrap around the tube. Finish off by tying curling ribbon or some string around each end to create a cracker shape.
  • Choose colours that fit nicely together, and if you're using a very busy wrap, accent it with a plain coloured wrap and decoration.  Mixing different textures adds an extra special touch to your gifts whilst a metallic wrap with a velvet ribbon or a matte wrap with a satin bow gives a luxurious feel.
  • Don’t be afraid to use everyday objects such as twigs, feathers or scraps of fabric as accessories to your wrapping. It looks great and gives your presents that stamp of originality.

7 steps to the perfect wrap


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