Sew this handy kitchen apron

Sew this handy kitchen apron
  • 90cm (35½in) blue striped cotton fabric
  • matching thread
  • 240cm (94½in) dark blue woven tape, 3cm (1¼in) wide
  • 3 laundry buttons, 1.7cm (¾in) in diameter
  • 1 dark blue hand towel, 30 x 50cm (11¾ x 19¾in)
  • water-soluble marker pen
  • Cutting out
  • A seam allowance of 7.5mm (3/8 in) is included in
    the measurements. The pattern pieces contain no
    seam allowance.
Blue striped cotton fabric
  • 1 apron pattern piece, on fold line. Lengthen at bottom by 60cm (23½in). Add 2cm (¾in) seam allowance on all sides.
  • 1 piece 9.5 x 37.5cm (3¾ x 14¾in) (button placket)
Woven tape
  • 2 pieces 50cm (19¾in) (straps)
  • 2 pieces 70cm (27½in) (waist ties)
How to make:

1. For the apron, fold over 1cm (½in) twice on the armholes and hem, iron, then edge stitch. Fold over one short side of each piece of woven tape by 5mm (¼in) twice and edge stitch. To attach the straps, place the raw short edges to the right and left of the top of the apron. Fold over both the top edge and the straps by 1cm (½in) twice and edge stitch. Attach the waist ties to the side edges in the same way.

2. Fold the fabric piece for the button placket in half lengthwise with the wrong sides facing, sew up the short sides then turn. Make three buttonholes. Draw a 36cm (14¼in) line across the middle of the right side of the apron 27.5cm (11in) from the top edge. Place the raw edge of the button placket against this line with the right sides facing and sew at a presser foot’s distance. Iron over to the bottom and sew at a presser foot’s distance. Sew the three buttons 12cm (4¾in) apart on one short side of the towel. Button to the button placket.

3. Use the placket to attach a handy hand towel.

Extract taken from: How to sew Beautiful Aprons, by Christa Rolf, rrp £9.99.


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