Retro-style potholders

Retro-style potholders


  • 50g (155m/170yd) balls of DMC Natura Just Cotton, one in each of Ibiza (white) 01 (A), Safran 47 (B), Green Smoke 54 (C), Golden Lemon 43 (D), Passion (red) 23 (E) and Gris Argent (grey) 09 (F), or similar yarn (4ply-weight 100% cotton)
  • Size 3mm & 4mm crochet hooks
  • Tapestry needle

Finished size:
approx. 20cm (8in) square

ch chain; ch-sp chain space; cont continue; dc double crochet; RS right side; ss slip slitch; st(s) stitches; tr treble; WS wrong side.

STEP 1- Before you begin:
See below for popcorn stitch. Note that in this design, each popcorn is made of 7tr.


Then use the standing stitch method below of joining a new yarn.

Work the colours for the popcorn rows as follows:

Stripes 1 and 6 = yarn B
Stripes 2 and 8 = yarn C
Stripes 3 and 7 = yarn D
Stripes 4 and 9 = yarn E
Stripe 5 = yarn F

STEP 2-Make the potholder:

Foundation chain: With yarn A and 4mm hook, 49ch, turn.
Row 1: Starting in third ch from hook, work a row of 47tr. Secure your working loop by passing your ball of yarn through this loop and pulling it tight. Do not cut your  yarn; you will pick it up again  once you have completed your  first popcorn row.
For this potholder there is a right side and a wrong side. Place your work flat with the loose yarn to the right; the back of the row you have just worked should be facing up. This is your right side.
Row 2 (popcorn row): With RS facing, work the first popcorn row. With yarn B and the standing stitch starting technique, [2tr, pop] fifteen times, 2tr. Fasten off yarn B.
Row 3: With RS facing, pick up yarn A and create a working loop in first tr of popcorn row, 2ch (counts as 1tr) and 1tr into same place, [miss pop st, 2tr, 1tr] to end, turn. (47 sts)
Row 4: 3ch (counts as 1tr) and work a row of 47tr. Secure your working loop as before.
Rows 2–4 set the pattern. Rep rows 2–4 seven more times, working the popcorn rows following the colour sequence set in step 1.
Work row 2 (popcorn row) once more in yarn E, then work row 3 once more in yarn A before starting the edging.

STEP 3- Make the edging

With RS facing, work the edging  and hanging loop as follows:
Round 1: 1ch, *evenly work 54dc along side edge, 2ch, evenly work 47dc along next edge*, 15ch (to form hanging loop), rep from * to *, 2ch, ss into 1st dc.
Round 2: 1ch, work a round of dc sts, with 2dc into each 2-ch corner-sp and 22dc in 15ch-sp of the hanging loop.
Fasten off yarn and weave in all loose ends.

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