Pretty hot water bottle cover

Pretty hot water bottle cover


  • Calico 46x30.5cm (18x12in)
  • Fabric for the back section
         46x30.5cm (18x12in)
  • Fabric for lining 46x61cm (18x24in)
  • Wadding 46x61cm (18x24in)
  • Bias binding 107cm (42in)


  • 15 strips of fabric, lace and ribbon, various widths, 28cm (11in) long
  • Ribbon for ties 81cm (32in)


  • Card and pen for template
  • Scissors
  • Dressmaking pins
  • Sewing machine and thread
  1.  Draw around a hot water bottle on a piece of card, leaving a 5cm (2in) border. Cut out the template you’ve made, then fold in half lengthways to make sure it’s symmetrical. Unfold and use to cut a hot water bottle shape from the calico, one from the fabric for the back section, and two shapes from the lining fabric.
  2. Take one of  the 15 strips of fabric and lay it right side up across the bottom of the calico. Place the second strip right side down, overlapping the first at a slight angle, and then sew together across the top. Fold over the side of the strip that isn’t sown up so it sits across the calico, creating a multi-fabric effect as seen in the picture above. Repeat until the calico is covered. Stitch lace across the seams to make it look pretty.
  3. Take the cover and place it right side up on top of one piece of the wadding. Lay the back section right side down on top of this, and then finally top it off with the last piece
    of  wadding.
  4. From the curve of the ‘shoulder’ of the water bottle shape, sew round the bottom to the same point on the other shoulder, leaving the top open to slip the hot water bottle inside. Quilt each side of the seams, trimming the excess fabric. Place the two lining fabrics right sides together and sew in the same way.
  5. Turn the outer bag the right way out. Push the lining, inside out, into the main cover, which should now be right side out. Cut the ribbon into four pieces, and then pin so they face inwards to the neck on both sides of your bottle cover – these are to tie it up when your hot water bottle is placed inside.
  6. Pin then sew the bias binding around the opening, trapping the ribbon in the stitching. Remove the pins then add a hot water bottle!
  • Taken from Quilted Covers & Cosies, by Debbie Shore. Published by Search Press, priced £5.59. Photography by Garie Hind
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