Mosaic plant pot

Step 1: Seal the outer surface of the terracotta pot using diluted PVA adhesive. Allow to dry thoroughly.


Step 2: Cut simple square and triangle templates from paper. Place each template on a tile and draw around the shape with a fibre-tipped pen. Draw triangles on lime green and indigo. Mark squares on jade green and indigo.

Step 3: Following the lines, cut out the shapes using tile nippers.

Step 4: Use a palette knife to 'butter' each piece individually with tile adhesive.

Step 5: Apply jade green and indigo squares to the bottom border. Use lime green and indigo triangles to form the top border. Press each piece gently into position.

Step 6: Mark out and cut two leaf halves from a lime green tile. To minimize cutting, use the straight edge of the tile for the straight side of each piece.

Step 7: Divide each leaf half into sections then cut along the pen line using tile nippers. Cut a small jade green triangle for the stem.

Step 8: Apply tile adhesive to the centre of the pot then position the leaf shapes and the triangular stem.

Step 9: Place a whole orange tile in a clear plastic bag. Hit it with a hammer several times to create random pieces for the background.

Step 10: Spread small areas of the pot with tile adhesive and attach the broken fragments in a crazy paving pattern. Some pieces will still need trimming with the tile nippers to fit. Leave overnight for the mosaic tiles to set.

Step 11: Stick masking tape around the top rim. Use a grout spreader to apply grout to the body of the pot, and your fingers for around the rim and the base. (Be careful of sharp edges!) Leave for twenty minutes.

Step 12: Wipe away excess grout with a damp sponge. Remove the masking tape, then polish clean.


  • Taken from a Beginner's Guide to Mosaic by Alison Slater and Peter Massey, priced £6.99
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