May Martin's community craft to celebrate VE Day

May Martin's community craft to celebrate VE Day


There's nothing quite like bunting to symbolise that it's time to celebrate, and it's easy-peasy to put together too. "Bunting's a great way to get children involved in the preparations" says May. "Once you have made the bunting, have some fun decorating it perhaps with traditional union jacks or some polka dots to reflect the fashion of the time."

To make fabric bunting:

- For the quickest bunting take a strip of fabric and draw round your card triangle first one way up and then the other way up. You will have a zig-zag of triangles.

- Repeat this process with several fabrics.

- Cut your triangles out with either pinking shears or scissors. This method makes single layer fabric triangle.

- Take lengths of tape or bias binding and attach the triangle with either a row of machining or running stitches worked by hand.

- Don't forget to leave long ends of tape so that you can tie your bunting in place!

To make paper bunting:

- Take a piece of card 20cm (8inches square) mark one edge of the card as the top and the other edge as the bottom. Draw a line from top to bottom of your square dividing it in half.

- Draw a line from the corners at the bottom edge of the card either side of this line you have drawn meeting on the line at the top edge of the card.

- You should now have a triangle shape. Cut this triangle out and use it as a template to draw round on paper or fabric.

1940s fashion

"In the 1940s, women liked their jackets to be really fitted with cinched in waists and big shoulders" says Mary. "Below are some useful tips on jazzing up a jacket with some 1940's glamour."

- Take a suit jacket and emphasise the shoulder area with an extra shoulder pad. You can pick these up from a haberdashery department. You can either undo the lining hem and insert the shoulder pads between the two layers of the jacket or you can cover them in a piece of fabric that is near in colour to the jacket lining.

- Put the jacket on and slide the pads into position. Pin in place along shoulder line and then secure in place with a few stitches on the inside of the jacket.

- Shape the waist line with vertical double pointed darts. These look like an orange segment. The widest piece is the waist shaping. I would normally do both jacket and lining separately.

- Undo the lining at the hem so that you can pin out darts on the waistline on both outer fabric and lining. Machine or hand sew this shaping in place.

- Sew lining hem back into position.

May Martin teamed up with The Royal British Legion to give these tips. You can find out more information about VE Day and how to get involved in Legion activities on The Royal British Legion's microsite