Make an embroidered bookmark

Make an embroidered bookmark


  • Felt (or an unwanted old jumper that has been through a hot wash)
  • Needle and thread
  • Heart stencil (use the page of a book to size this correctly)


  1. First make a heart-shaped stencil, making sure your heart shape is wide enough at the bottom to fit around the right-angled corner of a book page.
  2. Cut out two main bodies of felt the same size as the stencil and blanket stitch them together at the sides (but not at the top) so that a page can slip in between them.
  3. Stitch around the two heart tops separately (being careful not to sew them together) to tidy up the curved edges and embellish as you please.
  4. Embroidering an initial or special message can add a lovely, extra touch.

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