Make a trick-or-treat bag!

Make a trick-or-treat bag!


  • A basic sewing kit
  • Templates, download here (photocopy at 200%)
  • ½ yard (45.7 cm) of purple felt
  • A sheet of bray felt, 9 x 12 inches (22.9 x 30.5 cm)
  • Scraps of felt in various colours for the appliqués
  • Tissue paper
  • Embroidery floss in purple and various colors to match the appliqués
  • 2 lengths of super jumbo ricrac, at least 8 inches (20.3 cm) each


1. Using the full house template, cut out four pieces from the purple felt: two for the front and two for the back. Cut one roof piece from the gray felt. Cut two shutters and a strip measuring 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm) wide by 25 inches (63.5 cm) long from the purple felt.

2. Use the templates to cut two window squares, the ghost, door, door windows, pumpkin, and bat from scraps of felt. Freehand cut two small triangles and one thin strip for the pumpkin face, one small triangle for the pumpkin stem, three skinny rectangles for the skull door, and two small circles for the wicked flowers.

3. Trace the roof template with the tiles onto the piece of tissue paper. Place the gray roof shape onto the top of one of the full house pieces. Line up the tissue paper tracing with the gray roof shape, and layer both on top of one of the purple house shapes.

4. Using purple floss, backstitch along the traced line through the two layers of felt, leaving the sides and top of the roof unstitched; we’ll get to those later. Once you have stitched all but the outside lines of the roof, gently tug at the tissue paper to remove it from the stitches and reveal the stitched roof design.

5. Pin the main skull door piece in the bottom center of the house, leaving a bit of room on the bottom so you can stitch around it later. Pin the ghost in place behind the edge of the door. Stitch around the outside edge of the door using matching floss, making sure to stitch through the “tail” of the ghost. Use the straight stitch and matching floss to stitch around the outside edge of the ghost. Position the two windowpanes and the three small rectangles on the skull, and stitch them in place using matching floss. Use satin stitches to create nostrils.

6. Stitch the ghost’s face, using two small cross stitches of fuchsia floss for eyes and satin stitch to form the oval for its mouth.

7. Pin the pumpkin and stem shapes to the left of the skull door in place. Using matching floss, sew a straight stitch around the edge of the pumpkin, making sure to stitch through the triangle stem when you go around the top. Pin and then stitch in place the pumpkin eyes and mouth.

Tip: Use a little dab of felt glue instead
of stitching the small appliqué pieces, if you’d like.

8. Place the two small circles for the flowers beneath the ghost. Tack them in place with a few small random appliqué stitches to resemble spiky flowers. Using the green floss, make a couple of backstitches on the bottom, and use several straight stitches or satin stitch to form some leaves.

9. Pin the two window squares and shutters above the door, and stitch them in place using the backstitch and purple floss. Stitch around the sides of the shutters and then add some random stitches in the center of the shutters to add a bit of interest.

10. Position the bat shape so it overlaps the window on the left a bit, centering the body first and then placing the wings underneath so that the body overlaps them. Stitch the body down first using small straight stitches, and then do the same for the wings. Use another color of floss to make two small straight stitches for the bat’s eyes.

11. To construct the bag, layer and pin the appliquéd front onto one of the remaining purple house shapes. Layer the two remaining house pieces, and pin those together. Working along the top short edge, sandwich the ends of the rickrack between the two felt layers. Starting at the bottom side of the roof, backstitch along the edge of the roof shape to finishing forming the lines on the roof, stitching the ends of the bag straps in place between the layers. Repeat this step for the backside of the bag, working the backstitch along the top of the bag where the roof is and securing the rickrack strap between the layers.

12 Starting with the front of the bag, pin the edge of the long purple strip (from step 1) along the side and bottom edge of the bag so that it goes all the way around and meets the other side at the bottom of the roof. Whipstitch all the way around the edge,
closing the sides and bottom of the bag.

13. Flip the bag over, place the back on, and repeat step 12. Knot and tie off the thread on the inside of the bag. Your trick-or-treat bag is ready to go to a party or be filled with candy!

Reprinted with permission from Felt-o-ween © 2014 by Kathy Sheldon, Lark Crafts, an imprint of Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. Photography and illustrations by Lark Crafts (£14.99, available from

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