Make a strawberry pincushion

Make a strawberry pincushion


  • A4 sheet of red felt
  • A4 sheet of red felt
  • A4 sheet of green felt
  • White embroidery thread
  • Pink and red thread
  • Toy stuffing
  • Fabric glue
  1. Begin by cutting a semi-circle shape from the red or pink felt.
  2. Using two strands of the white thread sew the strawberry seeds detail on one side.
  3. With the right sides facing bring two ends of the semi-circle together to form a cone shape and sew together with red or pink thread. You should now have a cone shape with a hole at the top.
  4. Turn the cone out the right way round and fill with toy stuffing.
  5. Once suitably full, sew the top of the cone together with running stitch, gathering the felt together as you go.
  6. Once the top of your strawberry is sewn together you can add the green leaf.
  7. Cut a leaf shape from the green felt (if you want to add a hanging loop sew through a thick strand of thread now)  and glue on to the top of your strawberry.

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