Make a dog coat!

Make a dog coat!

Before you begin, you will need to take the following measurements from your dog. Have a few treats on hand to get them to stand still.

A: Measure from the base of the neck (just below the collar) to the tail, then add 2cm.
B :Measure around the ribcage behind the front legs. Half this measurement, then add 5cm.
C: Measure around the front of the chest from behind the front legs. Half this measurement, then add 2cm.
D: Measure around the neck just below where the collar sits, then divide by three.


  • Paper for template
  • 50cm waxed cotton or similar waterproof fabric (you may need more if you have a large dog)
  • 50cm polar fleece fabric
  • 15cm sew-on Velcro, or other hook loop and fastner

Step 1: Once you have all your measurements, make a paper template, using the diagram below, starting by drawing a rectangle using measurements A and B on a large folded piece of paper.

Step 2:  At the bottom right hand corner, extend the line by measurement C, then draw a line up 10cm (i).

Step 3: Mark this point from top right corner  as D.

Step 4:  Join point (i) and D with a gentle curve, then round off the bottom left corner and the front strap corners. Cut an 8 x 25cm paper belly strap.

Step 5:  Try your paper pattern on your dog and attach the belly strap just behind the front legs, then adjust the length for a comfy fit.

Step 6: When you are happy with the fit, cut two of each of your patterns (including the belly strap): one set from the waterproof fabric and one set from the polar fleece.

Step 7:  With the right sides facing, pin your fabric. If you are using waxed cotton, pin in the seam allowance and remove the pins as you sew so you don’t damage
the fabric.

Step 8: Stitch around the edge, leaving an opening on the back edge to allow you to turn the coat.

Step 9:  Trim the fabric at the curves and turn it right side out, carefully easing out the seams. Press gently using an iron. If the fabric is waxed cotton, use a piece of greaseproof paper to protect your iron.

Step 10: Sew two lines of top stitch, the first close to the edge to close the opening, and then another about 5mm from the first.

Step 11:  Cut 10cm of Velcro and stitch it onto the chest straps.

Step 12:  Repeat steps 7–12 for the belly strap.

Step 13:  Pin the belly strap to one side of the coat and stitch using a double line of stitch to make sure it stays put.

Step 14:  On the opposite end of the belly strap, stitch one side of your Velcro. Try the coat on your dog and mark on where to stitch the other piece of Velcro, making sure that it is a snug fit but not so tight that it restricts movement. Then, stitch the second piece of Velcro onto the coat.

  • Taken from Pamper your Pooch by Rachel Blondell, published by Kyle Books. Priced at £9.99. Photography by Kate Whitaker.