Make a campervan cushion

Make a campervan cushion


  • Scraps of fabric in different colours and patterns
  • 28cmx28cm (11inx11in) square of fabric for the background
  • 40cmx40cm (16inx16in) Cushion and plain cover
  • Small buttons
  • Fusible web
  • Sewing machine

How to make:

  1. Using the template below (this will need to be re-sized when printing to fit comfortably on your cushion) cut out the pieces of the campervan in your chosen colours.
  2. Build up the campervan shape in the middle of the square of fabric.
  3. Use small pieces of fusible web and a warm iron to fix the applique pieces in place.
  4. Practise on a test piece of fabric with your sewing machine stitches until you’re happy. Some machines come with a special applique stitch pre-programmed in, if not you can use a small tight zigzag stitch. Sew so the stitch is half on the applique shape and half on the background. Use contrasting cotton to stitch in place.
  5. When finished sew on buttons as headlights.
  6. Fray the large square’s edges and sew the whole thing on to the cushion.

Project from Hobbycraft.

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