Knit a cupcake hat for Age UK

You can help thousands of older people in the UK by knitting a tiny hat for Age UK. Your creation will go onto one of innocent’s smoothie bottles, into the shops, and help keep older people warm and well in winter. Completed hats should be sent in before 11th December to The Big Knit, Age UK, Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA.

Here's the full pattern for making this cupcake design but you can also find more creative hat patterns here.

Cupcake hat knitting pattern

You will need:

  • A pair of knitting needles
  • Wool: red, white and pink
  • Sewing needles for finishing
  • Scissors for finishing


  • K knit
  • P purl
  • SS stocking stitch
  • K2tog knit two together
  • P2tog purl two together
  • Beg begin(ning)
  • Cont continue
  • Inc increase
  • B&T bind & tie off

Using 4mm needles cast on 28 stitches in pink Purl 2 rows Beg with a knit row, cont in SS and work 7 rows Change to white Knit 2 rows Beg with a purl row, cont in SS and work 3 rows (K2 tog) repeat to end Purl K1, (K2 tog) repeat to last st, K1 (P2 tog) repeat to end Change to red Inc in every stitch Beg with a purl row, cont in SS and work 5 rows (K2 tog) repeat to end B & T tightly

Making Up:
Sew row ends together and turn right side out. Use a few wool ends to fill the cherry, gather around the base of it and then run a stitch from top to bottom of the cherry to pull it into a rounder shape to finish off your cupcake hat. Why not try different toppings - little coloured stitches for sprinkles, or beads for 100's and 1000's.

For more information visit Age Uk