How to wrap a circular tin

How to wrap a circular tin


  • Gift in a tin or tube
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishment of your choice

Step 1:
Measure your paper so there is enough to go around the tube with a small overlap. The sides should measure just above half way. Add double-sided tape to the long edge and secure.

Step 2:
To finish the ends of the tin/tube, make a series of pleats. Take the underneath layer of paper and fold so that its straight edge goes exactly across the centre of the tin.

Step 3:
Pull on the paper with your thumb and finger so that the next crease falls exactly across the centre of the tin tube a short distance around, and fold the crease.

Step 4:
Continue in this way and move around the outside of the tin/tube, repeating the creases and folds as you go. Don’t push the tin/tube too hard as it could shift inside the paper.

Step  5:
When you’ve got to the last crease, cut a short length of double-sided tape, ready to secrete underneath. But first read step 6 to check whether or not you need to trim first.

Step 6:
When you’ve finished the last crease, you may end up with what I call a remnant fan. If you do, simply trim it off and then locate the pre-cut tape and stick the last strip down. Repeat at the other end.

Step 7:
Take the ribbon up one side of the tin so that it hides the paper join and cut to length. Tie the ribbon and secure an embellishment if you like – we used a bunch of artificial mistletoe. Complete the bow and trim the ribbon.


Project from Giftwrapped, Jane Mears, Published by Jacqui Small, £20.


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