How to make money from your crafting hobby

How to make money from your crafting hobby

Whether you're a knitter or a felter, love crochet or card-making, your hobby could be the perfect way to earn you a few extra pennies and give you a new challenge this 2016.

A recent study found that having a hobby makes us happier and healthier. But with more than 23,000 crafting businesses in the UK, there's no reason you can't be one of the thousands who makes their hobby pay. 

So just how do you turn your rainy-day activity into a thriving little business? Paula Gorry, UK Business Development manager of craft company, Stampin’ Up!, shares her top tips on turning your love of crafting into some extra income.

Throw a party

Events are not only great for socialising during the week, they also serve as a great way of promoting your business. Gather a few friends together to show off your creations – you could even hold a little workshop or some sort of practical demonstration to get everyone crafting together.

If you want a bit of help to get going, Stampin’ Up! demonstrators organise parties, hold classes, and run events and clubs in order to get people excited about crafting.  This hands-on approach can really sow the seed of creativity amongst people who’ve never even attempted crafting before.

Get Social Media Savvy

Social media is a great tool to use to show off your crafting talents and attract others to the world of crafting. Set yourself up a business page on social media (it's free) so that a wider audience can find you and see your products easily.

Remember to think visually when it comes to social media as photos gain more engagement than posts with just text. Pinterest and Instagram are particularly good for sharing beautiful photos.

If you’re new to crafting then there are a number of tutorials on YouTube and Facebook offering inspiration and ideas for beginners. Or if you’re a long time crafter then use these same tools to your advantage by making your own Youtube tutorial video or creating a Facebook page for crafters in your local area.

Let crafting fit around you

Having your own business might sound like it will take hours to get off the ground. And admittedly, you will need to put some hard work in and it can take time for word to spread, but as it's your hobby it shouldn't feel like work.

The key is letting the business fit around you, whether that means crafting at the weekend, in the evening or when the grandchildren aren't running riot round your house.

Make a support network

Starting your own business can be somewhat daunting at first; however you don’t have to go it alone. Talk to those who have been there and done it, and take their advice on board. Have a search on social media for the pages of other crafters in your area.

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