How to make felt bird brooches

How to make felt bird brooches

Time to allow: 45 minutes


  • Felt sheets in your choice of colours
  • Buttons
  • Needle and cotton thread
  • Tacky glue
  • Ribbon
  • Cord
  • Brooch bar
  • Scissors
  • Downloadable template

How to Make

  1. Using the template (download yours here), cut out two bird shapes from a piece of felt. Cut out a contrasting colour ‘wing’ and stick to one of the bird pieces.
  2. Thread a piece of cord onto a flower button and tie a bow.
  3. Stitch the flower button to the wing and a star button ‘eye’ on the birds’ head.
  4. Cut a small length of ribbon, fold in half and stitch to the back of the bird to make the ‘legs’.
  5. Then stick the two bird pieces together.
  6. Finally, sew a small bar brooch on to the back of the finished bird.

Project from the Hobbycraft blog.

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