How to make a cat bed from a recycled jumper

How to make a cat bed from a recycled jumper

Obtain all the materials you will need to make the bed: jumper, filling (wadding or foam pieces) scissors, safety pin, wool/cotton thread and darning needle

Securely stitch along the collar

Fold over the end of the sleeves and secure with a safety pin, then stuff the sleeves with your chosen filling

Tuck the right sleeve into the left sleeve and securely stitch

Fold the side of the jumper in on itself as per picture

Securely stitch along the bottom of the sleeves

Your bed is now complete so just add cat!

Note: If your cat is one with a propensity to chew wool, then this jumper bed is probably not suitable for them. Also, as with all fabric beds, check it regularly for damage, to ensure there is no risk of entrapment.

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