Happiness jar

Write down on a piece of paper every time you have a 'happy moment'. At the end of the year you can look back at all the good that's happened in the past twelve months, rather than dwelling on the negatives.


  • Decorative craft papers you like from your local craft shop – old wrapping paper will also work well. Or you can download some here.
  • Glass jar
  • Green border strip
  • Red cardstock
  • Hessian
  • Brown gingham ribbon
  • Luggage tag
  • Chipboard letters
  • Collall 3D glue gel/regular craft glue or double-sided foam pads
  • Collall All Purpose glue
  • Stick and Stay/regular craft glue


  • Scissors
  • Sander/file
  1. Spray Stick and Stay, or use any adhesive, over chipboard letters that spell out 'happy' and then cover each letter with a different paper. Leave for a few minutes to ensure the glue has dried.
  2. While the letters are drying, cut a strip of hessian to wrap around the jar. Stick in position.
  3. Stick two 12" border strips together (to make a strip long enough to wrap around the jar) and glue into position at the top of the hessian wrap. Secure a length of ribbon around the join between the border and the hessian.
  4. Cut the paper on each letter as closely as possible to the edges and then, using a file/sander, sand the edges of each letter for a smooth finish. Glue the letters into position with 3D glue gel. If you want the letters to overlap as shown in the finished picture, to tackle the curved surface wrap a length of ribbon around the lettering to hold them in place while they dry in the position required
  5. Take a luggage label and then cut a piece of patterned paper to just smaller than the label and stick into position. Make a hole where the luggage label hole is.
  6. Cut a co-ordinating piece of paper to the same width of the paper matted onto the label. Fix towards the top of the label. Cut out one of the emblems found via the download link, or again, choose something similar from your own selection and stick with 3D glue towards the top of the label. Matt your sentiment onto red cardstock, trim and then fix with 3D glue gel at a jaunty angle towards the bottom of the tag.
  7. Write the 'rules' of the 'happiness jar' on a piece of paper, sized to fit onto the back of the tag and then stick into position.
  8. Thread a long length of gingham ribbon through the hole, so that both ends are coming through to the front. Wrap the loop around the top of the jar, tighten and then tie in a bow at the front.
  9. To finish, secure a length of brown gingham ribbon around the bottom of the handle.

Project courtesy of Sara Davies, founder of Crafter's Companion.

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