Easy snow globe


  • 1x Ball® Regular Mouth Jar
  • 1x miniature snowman (or ornament of your choice)
  • Superglue/modelling clay
  • Fake snow
  • White glitter


  1. Use the inside of the jar lid as a base for your display. Secure your snowman or chosen arrangement to the base with superglue or modelling clay.
  2. Due to the metal sealing ring around the lid, you will need to ensure your ornament arrangement is raised by at least an inch so the whole thing will be clearly visible.
  3. Pour some fake snow and glitter into the bottom of your jar.
  4. When the glue is dry or your ornament is completely secured to the lid, screw this onto the jar then flip the whole thing over.
  5.  Shake well so the fake snow and glitter disperse around the jar for a festive look!

Project from Ball®

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